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Riding Road Bikes in Perth is a Great Way to Get Around

Is it Safe to Ride Road Bikes in Perth?

If you are faint of heart or spend most of your travel time asleep at the wheel the answer to that question is probably no. Then again, if you are either one of those while driving you probably shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car either. If you are a safe and responsible driver the chances are that you will take very well to riding through the city streets with the wind on your face!

If you are an inexperienced rider then you will need to start out on road bikes in Perth that are tailored for the beginner. You can choose between our selection of smaller motorbikes in the 125cc to 250cc range, or you could even consider riding a scooter in Perth. Either way Planet Honda has the right beginner bikes to get you out on the road!

For the ultimate in safety equipment, we have a showroom dedicated to motorcycle accessories that has a wide selection of helmets, jackets, and other gear. This equipment is designed to keep you safe and increase visibility. Just ask one of our team members to help you get into the right gear.

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For The Experienced Riders We Have Big Road Bikes in Perth

If you have many kilometres under your belt and have been riding for decades you are probably looking for something with a little more power and reach. Planet Honda has the full line of Honda road bikes in Perth. With offerings from the super sport series, naked bikes, and the cruisers, we have exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for something vintage, we also have used bikes on our showroom floor.

If you have been dreaming about road bikes in Perth but have not been able to decide on one that is right for you, stop in and let Planet Honda help. Call or visit us online for a quote today!

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